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Hello, NewGrounds..

2010-08-28 19:57:45 by IxTheScruffy

I'm kinda new here, so new i'm actually still looking for decent usable software. Well, actually i've been coming back and forth to this site, but i'm just not cool enough for it. Not even cool enough to view the awesome awesomesauce that the users seem to spew into it every day from every corner. So yeah, no one's gonna read this, and i'll probably have deleted this by tomorrow, but..
Hi! *waves*


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2010-08-28 20:00:18

What do you mean by software, flash programs?
You'll want to pm me the response cause this post will probably get lost in the sea of blogs in an hour.


2010-08-28 20:54:19

Hello hello!! Don't say you're not cool, you're cool! (as long as you're not a spammer or a troll) :D